Published: Mar 05, 2018

Time for a Fresh Start

Picture this. You and some of your closest friends are sitting around doing something you all love. Let’s say for example, fishing. You and your best friends look forward to packing your tackle boxes for the weekend, and heading out with your coolers filled, to escape the everyday hum drum of what you have been calling ‘life.’

However, as it inevitably always does, something has changed. Your bait isn’t catching the best fish anymore. Your boat has a small leak. Your friends have gotten wrapped up with their jobs and their desire to earn more money, putting a strain on your relationship. Whatever it is, you just don’t feel the same when you pack up and head out for the weekend. Now packing your tackle box feels more like a chore. We have all been there.

The things that once drove us into bliss, suddenly begin to feel burdensome. However, this uncomfortable period of time can be the spark that ignites big change in your life.

We’ve all heard it before. Change is scary. We live in the comfort of knowing what to expect day in and day out. When it comes to our personal lives, consistency is often something of a state of feeling in control. In a world that feels unpredictable, control is something that is hard to come by. So when it does, HANG ON! Right?

Wrong. Instead, challenge yourself to go outside that comfort zone and see what else there is. Maybe you need to find a better fishing spot? Maybe your boat just needs a fresh coat of paint? ASK QUESTIONS. Find like-minded people and begin conversations that test your prior understanding and beliefs. Become determined that trying something new does not mean you are not in control. YOU are totally IN control. This fresh start, this new beginning, it is no ones but YOURS. Own it.

So, you might ask, how do I know so much about starting fresh? How am I so sure that this is the catalyst to becoming a better version of myself?
Well…that might just be a blog for another day. For now, welcome to the beginning of your fresh start…

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