Published: Jan 24, 2019

The Open is Upon Us

The time of year is quickly approaching again when your coaches and friends begin heckling you to sign up for “the Open.” I get many questions from our members as to why they should sign up, and what is this all about. I am going to do my best to explain what the open is to me.

the open is coming

First, the open is not just five weeks of workouts. It is a feel, a vibe, an energy that overcomes the box for five weeks. It is a celebration and culmination of all the hard work we put in to our everyday workouts. The open comes along once a year to see how far we have come in tackling those movements that challenge us, and give us something to work towards in the upcoming year. At the end of each workout, you get the opportunity to see how you stack up against others like you all around the world. While I know that we don’t all have a “competitive edge,” there is really no competition during the open except the one you create with yourself.

Each time you perform an “open wod” you will be assigned a judge (a coach or fellow member) to watch your movement standards and help count your reps. Everyone will have the opportunity to be a judge as well- which is great opportunity to see things through a coach’s eyes!

So, what’s in it for you?

The comradery as we all come together to cheer each other past our thresholds is unexplainable. People cheering you as you get your first _________ (insert that pain in the ass movement you can’t seem to get yet-  ie. double unders, pull ups, handstand push up, etc) is not only exciting for you, but also for all those surrounding you. This is a indication of how awesome our FKing Family truly is and what a warrior you are. The open allows you to remember where you were when you first started, whether it was 4 years ago, or 4 weeks ago and helps create goals for you to move forward with.

So, talk to your coaches and fellow athletes…and go sign up! I promise, you won’t regret it!

May the WODs be in your favor

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