Published: Mar 25, 2018

Chapter One. The Fresh Start.

The owners of CrossFit Freshkills began on a mission to create a space that’s intention was to help people come together in comradery and support each other’s goals. The three owners, Anthony, Doug, and Libby had come to know one another through CrossFit and forged a relationship and shared an understanding of what CrossFit meant to them…and they wanted to share it with others too.

Our journey began at my kitchen table, with a bottle of wine, five people with a vision, and a notepad. It quickly turned from conversation to reality. To begin materializing our vision, Doug began researching space available in the area. His drive and desire for things is what started us out, and is what keep us all motivated day in and day out. Within a week of conversation, Doug had found us a space. This is our first tour of the building:

Once the space was secured, Doug didn’t stop. He took it upon himself to begin building and assembling equipment for our new space (with the help of his handy inventory counters and box openers). In under three weeks, we had boxes, rigs, weights, barbells, and clean floors…we had a CrossFit Box.

Before we knew it, we were opening our doors for our grand opening. Welcoming people into our space to join forces in chasing dreams and conquering goals physically, mentally, and socially. Our warehouse floors were now being trampled on by feet that were trekking for something new…something fresh…something that we would soon name Freshkills.

It is now our pleasure and honor to take the work of transformation from that of a warehouse, to lives of people in our community.

We can’t wait to take this journey with you if you are ready for a fresh start.

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